About Us

About Us

Welcome to Great Adventure Int'l

We are an international education company with services offered on a full-scale package, allowing us to better align personalized incentives to client outcomes.

Our people are passionate about delivering tangible results for clients, and these arrangements make our commitments more than a promise. We succeed only when our clients do.


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Why Choose Us

Personalized Service

Great Adventure International Limited is an international educational company that guides and match students with top institution around the globe. With loads of available resources and an extensive network of connections, we guide you through the process by providing valuable information, to make sure that you make your dream course in your college, seamlessly.

We have always been committed to making sure that students that get in touch with us, receive the best value for what they have paid. At Great Adventure International Limited, it’s not merely about consulting and providing you with some guides and tons of information resources. We believe in delivering a service that crafts you a straightforward, customized and detailed action plan to make it through.

From applying to your most preferred program to applying for your visa/study permit, and finally adjusting to the country you’re looking to study in, we remain by your side and walk you through the process, effortlessly.

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We are committed to excellence in providing compassionate, personalized services by leveraging our expertise in serving as a medium for client success. Being a part of a client's success story is a vibe for us. We will continually reinforce our reputation for superior personal service by providing respect, training, involvement, recognition, reward, security and advancement opportunities to our associates. We will conduct research and development, and review our methods of operation in a never-ending effort to continually improve the quality of the products and services we offer. .


To become the No 1 study abroad company in West Africa offering unmatched personalized services to clients and connecting them with opportunities farther away. .

Our Core Value

Services Quality

Service quality is one of our most important values which demands all our effort, determination, and courage to be successful in what we are doing and the services we are providing. We conduct our work with dedication and without mistakes, optimizing delivery time and putting effort into what we do to achieve results of quality.


For us, as a company, the information provided to our customers must be honest and true. This value is, what makes us different and helps us to make decisions based on firm facts.

We respect the individual

Respect is considered the fundamental base of the relations within our company. We value human dignity, accept our differences and consider our rights and those of others to establish a polite and friendly working environment.


Each one of us interacts transparently and appropriately, trying to strengthen our interpersonal relations and the image of the company. We are conscious that our communication generates perceptions, expectations, and requirements which motivate us to improve our behaviour, attitude, and knowledge..

Community and Enviroment

We commit socially and culturally to the community and adapt our business strategies to the preservation of the environment.